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[100% Off] Digital Logic Design Free Course Coupon


Several Assignments with solutions are added (Sep 14, 2023)

This course introduces the basic concepts of digital systems, such as number systems, boolean algebra, logic networks and their simplification, canonical forms, combinatorial circuits, adders, decoders, encoders, multiplexers, flip-flops, sequential circuit analysis and design, registers, counters, memory and programmable logic.

This course is designed to teach students how to design a digital logic circuit to perform a specific desired function. This course will give students a much better understanding of how the internals of a computer work. so our course aims to teach students the fundamentals of digital logic design. Starting from learning the basic concepts of the different base number systems ( Binary – Decimal – Hexadecimal ) and their Conversions to basic logic elements and deriving logical expressions to optimize a circuit diagram further. Also,

This course is structured in such a way that each section is dedicated to a specific topic in regards to digital electronics and Logic Design. Each section of the lecture describes the different tools and techniques used to design digital logic circuits.

There are assignments and Exercises throughout this course that students can use to put the theory taught to practical use.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to

1. Understand all the fundamentals of number systems and perform conversions between them.

2. Function of logic circuits and how to design them.

3. Classify Combinational Logic and Sequential Logic.

4. How to design a combinational logic circuit for a given scenario with the minimum number of gates possible.

5. Use all the standard techniques to minimize the logic gate requirements

6. Design sequential logic circuits like Counters and Shift Registers using Flip flops.

7. Understand the workings of various flip flops and latches and highlight the differences between them.

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