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[100% Off] Engineering: The nature of problems Free Course Coupon


The optimistic approach to a problem is to view it as a challenge and an opportunity – a chance to make progress. In this course, the nature of problems is explored by looking at the way they are used as a stimulus for finding solutions. It is presumed from the start that you want to be involved in the process of finding solutions and that you are not expecting simply to be given the answers.

One example that is investigated in this course concerns how to devise lighter bicycle frames, and the way to assess the merits of alternative materials from which to make them. There is no single way to move from a problem like this to possible solutions. In fact there are often several ways to set about finding several solutions, but there are a few general factors that are important to the search.

First it is important to appreciate the needs from which a problem arises. For the bicycle frame it’s not just a lighter material that is required, but rather it is one that can be deployed to bear specific loads imposed on a fully functional frame.

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