[100% Off] Membrane Desalination Engineering Explained Free Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[100% Off] Membrane Desalination Engineering Explained Free Course Coupon


You have probably heard about desalination somewhere. It is a technology that has gone through a huge development since its apparition, and today it is a reliable water treatment technique that allows the production of drinking water from oceans.

Desalination has also benefited from technological advances in pumps, energy recovery devices, machine learning, and data science.

Reverse osmosis technology is today the privileged technique for desalination used in thousands of facilities worldwide.

In this course, we will discuss membrane desalination from many angles:

01 Introduction: Why Do We Need Desalination?

02 How Much Desalination Is Being Used Worldwide?

03 Why Should We Desalinate Seawater Before Using It?

04 What Is Membrane Filtration?

05 What Is Membrane Fouling?

06 How Does Pretreatment Work?

07 How Does Reverse Osmosis Desalination Work?

08 How Does Post-treatment Work?

09 What Are The Energy Consumption and Cost of Reverse Osmosis Desalination?

10 What Are The Environmental Impacts Of RO Desalination?

11 Conclusion

After completing this course, you will better understand reverse osmosis desalination, how it works, and its energetic, economic, and environmental aspects.

You will also understand how important it is for many countries to deal with water scarcity and climate change.

I hope you enjoy the course.

(No artificial intelligence tools (chat gpt…) were used in the development of this course, I believe this is important for providing an original learning experience for students).

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