[100% Off] Non-Destructive Testing Level II Full Course | NDT Course Free Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[100% Off] Non-Destructive Testing Level II Full Course | NDT Course Free Course Coupon


Are you looking for NDT Level II certification and boost your career?

Do you want to have a career in mechanical engineering with the fastest career growth?

Do you want a career with tons of job opportunities?

Well, we have a solution for you.

Our Non-Destructive Testing Level II (NDT Level II) course comes with a blended package of theoretical and practical learning.

The topics are sorted in accordance with the demand in the industries.

NDT Level II engineers are in extremely high demand in various engineering fields such as Marine, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Aircraft, Automobile, Manufacturing and so on.

NDT Level II engineers are responsible for carrying out inspection and testing of machinery, thereby reducing losses to companies and ensuring utmost safety of workplaces.

Our NDT Level II course is directly focused on industrial skills needed in the current workplace.

Once you complete the NDT Level II course, you shall have lots of job opportunities in any country of the world.

Once your NDT Level II certification is done and after you have sufficient experience, you can go for Level III certification. On successful completion of level III certification, you shall have a very bright and highly lucrative career. You will have a huge demand in the industries and even your signatures can only be earned for you. There are lots of other certifications that can be once you obtain an NDT Level II certificate. So, let’s start your journey in the most lucrative and fastest-growing branch of Mechanical Engineering.

If you are looking for NDT level II ASNT certification duly signed by a level III engineer, enroll in this course through Augmintech official website.

Eligibility for certification

The certificate shall be provided only to learners who meet at least one of the below requirements:

1. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with at least 6 months experience in Non-Destructive Testing Methods.

2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with at least 6 months’ experience in Non-Destructive Testing Methods.

Process of Certification

To receive a pdf copy of your certificate by email, kindly send the below-mentioned documents to [email protected] or [email protected] and mention your full name and “NDT LEVEL II Certification” in the subject line of the email.

1. Your Diploma or Degree Certificate.

2. Your updated resume/CV.

3. Your passport size photograph.

4. Your signature on blank white paper.

Please note after the successful submission of all the above documents, the NDT Level II certificate duly signed by the ASNT approved NDT Level III engineer will be issued to you within 7 business days in your email. The certificate will be issued by one of our partner institutes. For printed hard copies of the certificates, please write to us on the above-given emails ids. There will be extra courier charges in this case.

Who the course is for:

  • Mechanical Graduate Engineers

  • Mechanical Masters Engineers

  • Mechanical Diploma Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineering Students

  • QA/QC Engineers

  • Quality Inspectors

  • Welding Engineers

  • Piping Engineers

  • Testing Engineers

Enroll Now and Welcome to Augmintech !!!

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