[100% Off] Unlocking Circuit Analysis: Fourier, Laplace and LTI Systems Free Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[100% Off] Unlocking Circuit Analysis: Fourier, Laplace and LTI Systems Free Course Coupon


A strong foundation in the fundamentals lies at the core of every great engineer.

  • Are you struggling to grasp the fundamentals of signals and systems?

  • Do you often find yourself struggling to understand Fourier and Laplace Transforms?

Look no further than “Unlocking Circuit Analysis: Fourier, Laplace and LTI Systems” – The second course in The Tao of Phasor Series.

This course is more than just a math lesson:

  • Our high-quality content, insightful lessons, and engaging storytelling will guide you through this complex subject matter, and you’ll find them so easy to understand.

  • Our focus is on the WHY, not just the HOW, and we’ll explore the evolution of these concepts.

  • We’ll explain the fundamental principles behind signals and systems, providing you with a solid foundation for your electrical engineering journey.

  • You’ll see that signals and systems are not just abstract concepts, but a KEY to unlock the secrets of electrical engineering.

By the end of this course:

  • You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of signals and systems, from Fourier series to Laplace transforms.

  • You’ll have the knowledge and skills to apply these concepts in real-world scenarios.

  • You’ll be equipped with a solid foundation that will make you a well-rounded engineer.

Join us on this journey and unlock the secrets of signals and systems!

Course Highlights:

  • Euler & Euler’s Formula

  • Fourier & Frourier Series

  • Sine-Cosine Form, Amplitude-Phase Form, Complex-Exponential Form

  • Examine Frequency Contents

  • Fourier Transform and Inverse Fourier Transform

  • Amplitude Spectrum and Phase Spectrum

  • The Problem of Fourier Transform

  • Definition of Laplace Transform

  • Laplace

  • Signals and Systems

  • Use Transfer Functions to Describe Systems

  • Time-Invariant Systems

  • Linear Time-Invariant Systems and Convolution

  • Impulse Response and Transfer Function

  • Transient Simulation

  • AC Simulation

  • What exactly has it transformed?

  • Essence

  • Applications

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