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Algorithm used in everywhere. People Don’t know how Complex algorithms they are executing when doing their day to day task and which algorithm to choose from multiple alternatives. The algorithm is the concept which differentiates intermediate and better developer.

More than 80% of the fresh graduates don’t have basic knowledge about algorithm analysis and design. So, we offer this course to help understand what is algorithm and how to analyze it to choose best one. Also to improve your logical thinking abilities.

أهلا بك في الكورس الأول والأفضل في مناقشة وشرح تحليل وتصميم الخوارزميات. سوف تحصل على 8 ساعات و 21 دقيقة من الشرح التفصيلي والامثلة التطبيقية. تحليل وتصميم الخوارزميات هنا هو ليس شرح مواضيع منفصلة وانما هي حكاية وقصة مترابطة. أيضا في نهاية الكورس ستحصل على ملف اسئلة مختلفة شاملة اسئلة اختيارية مع الاجابة (28 سؤال مختلف) لتقيم مدي استيعابك وفهمك للكورس.

What you are Going to Learn?

  1. Introduction: including all basic concepts you must know.

  2. Learn How to calculate time for any algorithm (Time complexity) and what is T(n), different techniques including summation rules and how to convert loops to summation which are helpful in calculating T(n).

  3. Understand Asymptotic notations (Oh, Omega, Theta, Little Oh, Little Omega) with their mathematical definition [Worst Case, Best Case, Average Case].

  4. Growth Rate VS Time and how to sort based on each one + all possible equations you may get.

  5. What is recursion and how to find the Recursion equation.

  6. Solve recurrence using Master theorem.

  7. Solve recurrence using Tree method

  8. Solve recurrence using Substitution method [Guess and verify VS Plug and chug] and much more.

  9. Space Complexity.

  10. Linear (Sequential) Search.

  11. Binary Search

  12. Insertion Sort

  13. Selection sort

  14. Stability

  15. In-place VS Out-of-place

  16. Quick sort

  17. Algorithm Analysis Techniques:- (brute force, Divide&Conquer, Greedy and so on)

Also, you will get up to 3hr different practical questions including advanced questions which maximize your knowledge curve.

You will get a Solved Exam at the end of this course to train your self and rate your gained knowledge.

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