[25% Off] Advanced Engineering Mathematics – Fourier Series Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[25% Off] Advanced Engineering Mathematics – Fourier Series Course Coupon



This Fourier Series course includes 7h+ of on-demand video supported with quizzes, workbooks, formula sheets and fully detailed solutions. The structure of the course is tailored in a way that everyone with any background knowledge of mathematics can come and master the Fourier Series. I always believed that any topic, no matter how complex can be broken down into smaller elements that are easy to understand and I took this approach in this course. You will be able to master the following sections:

  • Graphing of trigonometric functions with varying amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift

  • Describing the non-sinusoidal functions analytically in two different ways

  • Graphing of the periodic non-sinusoidal functions

  • Using integration table and integrating simple functions

  • More advanced integration covering integrals of the trigonometric functions and application of the partial integration

  • Understanding Dirichlet conditions and how to apply them

  • Finding Fourier Series coefficients

  • Identifying even and odd functions analytically and graphically

  • The first theorem in Fourier Series connected to the even functions

  • The second theorem in Fourier Series connected to the odd functions

  • Half Range Sine and Cosine Series

Now if you are someone that is very comfortable in the topics leading up to finding the Fourier Series coefficients or you have an exam in 24hours, feel free to jump ahead to the section of the course!


  • Q&A section with a friendly support

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion

  • Lifetime access!

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