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This course was designed for the beginner and even the experienced automotive air conditioning technician, to give them an in-depth, well explained understanding of automotive air conditioning systems. The lecturer has listened and responded to critics and present this automotive air conditioning course. The lecturer hopes this course respond to changes in the industry, changes in technology, changes in the certification process, and to the ever-changing needs of automotive HVAC technicians. Principally, the individual titles correspond to the main areas of the Fundamentals of Automotive Air Conditioning. Additional titles include remedial skills and theories common to all of the areas and advanced or specific subject areas that reflect the latest technological trends. After each section there is a quick quiz to evaluate the student’s understanding . Unlike yesterday’s mechanic, the technician of today and for the future must know the underlying theory of all automotive HVAC systems and be able to service and maintain those systems. The descriptive, step by step videos provides the student with the information needed to begin a successful career as an automotive technician without interrupting the learning process by mixing cognitive and performance learning objectives in one course. The design of this course was based on features that are known to promote improved student learning. The design was further enhanced by a careful study of survey results in which the respondents were asked to value particular features. Some of these features can be found in other textbooks, whereas others are unique to this series. This course is organized to build upon basic facts and theories. The primary objective of this course is to allow the student to gain an understanding of how each system and subsystem operates. This understanding is necessary to diagnose the complex automobiles HVAC systems of today and tomorrow. An understanding of the basics is not a requirement for competence in the skill areas. This course includes step-by-step instructions for diagnostic and repair procedures. Photo Sequences are used to illustrate some of the common service procedures. Other common procedures are listed and are accompanied with fine-line drawings and photos that allow the student to visualize and conceptualize the finest details of the procedure. This course also contains the reasons for performing the procedures, as well as information on when that particular service is appropriate. Not only are the videos in the course linked together, but the contents of the sections are also linked. 

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