[25% Off] Complete Python & Python OOP with Exercises& Projects in2021 Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[25% Off] Complete Python & Python OOP with Exercises& Projects in2021 Course Coupon


Python Programming Basics and Python Object Oriented Programming Guide for Python Programmers & Python Coders in a simple and easy way with Examples, quizzes, Resources & Python Projects to master Python from zero to hero.

you will learn:

  • Object Oriented programming(OOP) in Python:

    1. Simple classes in Python Object Oriented programming.

    2. The constructor in Python Object Oriented programming.

    3. Dunder methods in Python Object Oriented programming.

    4. Inheritancein Python Object Oriented programming.

  • Advanced OOP in Python:

    5. Multiple Inheritance in Python Object Oriented programming.

    6. Encapsulation in Python Object Oriented programming.

    7. Polymorphism(Overriding) in Python Object Oriented programming.

    8. Decorators(@classmethod vs @staticmethod) in Python Object Oriented programming.

    9. Built-in Decorators(@property) in Python Object Oriented programming.


  • First  Python Project (CCG) to master what you will learn.

  • Second Project Hangman Game in Python.

  • Third Python Project X-O Game Classes to master what you will learn.

Also, this course covers Python basics:

  • How to Install Python 3.

  • How to use python IDLE.

  • How to Install Anaconda.

  • how to use Pycharm as Python IDE.

  • How to use Jupyter notebook(I python).

  • What the difference between  Variables & Operators.

  • Operators Types.

  • Python Data Types.

  • Lambda Expression.

  • String Functions & entries in Python.

  • How to use Input String Function.

  • How to create Lists & lists operations in Python.

  • How to create Dictionaries & Dictionaries operations in Python .

  • How to create Tuples & Tuples operations in Python.

  • How to create Sets & Sets operations in Python.

  • IF Statement and control flow.

  • For Loop.

  • While Loop.

  • Error Exception in python.

  • What are Python Functions.

  • How to create  functions in Python.

  • Python Modules.

  • How to open Files in Python.

Why to master Python Programming ?

Python is a high level programming language, strong, elegant, and easy to learn.

Faster than R programming language when used for data science.

Has lots of libraries which facilitate its use for data analysis.

Objective oriented programming Language so you can use objects when coding in python.

Free open source programming language.

Python can be used for a large variety of programming tasks, such as for desktop applications, game programming and mobile development.

Python is a cross platform language, which means that code written for one operating system, such as Windows, will work well on Mac OS or Linux without making any changes to the Python code.

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