[25% Off] Electronics : Diode (Part 1) – A Solid State Approach Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[25% Off] Electronics : Diode (Part 1) – A Solid State Approach Course Coupon


Learn the fundamentals of Diodes and take the first leap to the world of Electronics.This course is on Diode as a Solid State Device.In this course we will thoroughly learn what happens inside a Diode under various applied voltages.So lets have a highlight of the entire course quickly-

  • Understand the fundamentals of P-N Junction Semiconductor diode.In this lecture we will understand the Diode from Solid State approach,that is we will learn what actually happens inside the Diode under different circumstances.

  • Properties of P-N Junction Semiconductor diode (Concept of Energy Band Diagram,Depletion Width,Electric Field at the junction etc).

  • Mathematical expressions for Electric potential, Depletion Layer under Equilibrium.

  • Discussion on Quasi-Fermi level and Energy Band Diagram plot.

  • Carrier concentration as a Function of distance under applied forward bias.

  • Current Density as a function of distance under applied forward bias.

  • A common misunderstanding-Cut in voltage VS Built in voltage.

  • V-I Characteristics of Diode under different bias conditions.

  • Understand Diode function Generator & Diode Transfer-function Generator.

  • Diode properties under reverse biased condition.

  • Discussion on Breakdown phenomena-Avalanche Breakdown & Zener Breakdown.

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