[25% Off] Engineering Statics online course Complete Course & examples Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[25% Off] Engineering Statics online course Complete Course & examples Course Coupon


Course Description

Statics is the basis for all other courses in mechanical Engineering. Statics. Statics Deals with the Equilibrium of Bodies, That Is Those That Are Either at Rest or Move with a Constant Velocity. Opposite to what Dynamics Is Concerned with that is the Accelerated Motion of Bodies. Statics is the Prerequisite for dynamics on academic Procedure.


Target Student
The ideal student for this course are the engineering students who are in first year of university and want to establish a great foundation for their future academic path. Statics is a great basis for rest of the Engineering studies.


Course Goals

This course has two specific goals:

(i) Introduction of basic concepts of force, couples and moments in two and three dimensions.

(ii)  Developing analytical skills relevant to using concepts practically and having a solid Perception


Course Objectives

After the student successfully finished this course:

(a)Determination of the resultant in plane and space for force systems.

(b) Determination of the centroid and center of mass of plane areas and volumes.

(c) Distinguish between concurrent, coplanar and space force systems

(d) Drawing the free body diagrams and the skill to analyze that

(e) Analyzing the reactions and pin forces induces in plane and space systems

(f) Determination of friction forces and their effect on the equilibrium of a system.

Teaching Strategies

-The course will be taught via Lectures and Tutorial Sessions, the tutorial being designed to complement and enhance both the lectures and the student appreciation of the subject.

-Course work assignments will be reviewed with the students. 

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