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[25% Off] Introduction to Antenna Theory – RAHAE102 Course Coupon



In RAHAE 102 we would be concentrating on fundamentals of antenna and working principle of antenna. This course will cover all radiation mechanism of the antenna and description of radiation condition from the antenna. It includes Hertz dipole antenna and its parameters. Number of numerical problems have been solved after each topic to understand the basics of the course. This course describes the electromagnetic wave propagation and how antenna behave at receiver side. The theory and derivations of monopole and dipole antenna parameters covered in this course. The basic concept of antenna array, types of antenna array and its requirements with solved numericals have explained in easy manner.

This course is more of a academic level approach to Antenna Engineering taught on schools around the world

Since you would be having a lifetime access to this course you would be able to revisit during your career as year passes to refresh your memory


The instructor of this course is Dr Akhilesh Verma. He has a Ph.D in Antenna Engineering concentration on Phased Array Antennas and Beam Forming of 5G networks and is a Antenna Engineering Scientist at Rahsoft.

What is the target audience?

  • Prerequisite for students planning to get Rahsoft RF Certificate for RAHAE 102 course which is a complete package of Fundamentals of antenna.

  • This course is set for professionals working in the area of antenna field.

  • Under graduate students

  • Antenna Engineer

  • Post graduate students taking antenna course

  • Research scholars in antenna field

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Antenna definition

  • Working principle of antenna

  • Radiation mechanism

  • Antenna radiation using potential function

  • Basic concept of Hertzian dipole antenna

  • Polar pattern of Hertzian dipole

  • Hertzian dipole reconsidered

  • Calculation of radiated power from Hertzian dipole

  • Calculation of radiation field of thin linear antenna

  • Electromagnetic wave propagation and Power flow

  • Some basics of Maxwell’s equation

  • Plane wave propagation in free space

  • Calculation of Power flow associated with radiated energy

  • Antenna at receiver side

  • Linear monopole and dipole antennas

  • Concept of image theory to understand monopole antenna

  • Difference between monopole and dipole antenna

  • Dipole antenna concepts

  • Radiated power calculation of dipole antenna

  • Dipole antenna parameters

  • Relationship between current distribution on aperture and radiation pattern of the antenna

  • Antenna array techniques

  • Motive to move on antenna array

  • Two element array

  • One dimensional linear array

  • Array synthesis

  • Phased array

  • Aperture distribution and far-field pattern relationship

  • Two-dimensional stacked arrays

  • Non-uniform current excitation array

  • Binomial array

  • Antenna input impedance

  • Induced-emf method and mutual coupling

  • End-fire array example with mutual coupling

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