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[25% Off] Introduction to Fluent Aero package Course Coupon


In this course we will solve ONERA M6 wing using Fluent Aero. Fluent Aero is specialized software to solve aerodynamic flows. It provides the fully automatic to run different angle of attacks and range of Mach number for particular aerodynamic body without any user input.  You just need to provide range of Mach number and angle of attack along with reference area, reference length, freestream pressure and temperature. Rest of the things will done by Aero features. Moreover the solver settings are optimized and set for particular flow regime which is also decided by solver by given input parameters.

Fluent Aero uses the best features from Fluent solver and solves the simulation in least iterations with utmost accuracy. Once solution is completed it provides you all input data, all aerodynamics coefficients, residuals plots in separate folder in excel format for easy plotting etc.

So we have taken ONERA M6 wing and mesh was already created in other course. So we just need mesh and few boundary conditions and reference conditions and rest is done by Fluent Aero. After running solution we will take drag, lift and moment coefficient and compare it will NASA data from 2018 AIAA paper (reference and paper is given in course material) . We will also compare coefficient of pressure from Fluent Aero with experimental data from AGARD and also data from NASA.

Some overview of ONERA M6 test case

ONERA M6 is a classical  test case for CFD validation. Although geometry is simple, but the flow field involves complex flow features such as  transonic flow (Mach No. 0.7 – 0.92) with shocks, boundary layer separation etc. The ONERA M6 wing was designed in 1972 by the ONERA Aerodynamics Department as an experimental geometry for studying three-dimensional, high Reynolds number flows. ONERA is a swept back wing, with half span. It is external third of M5 Wing without twist.

You will get following resources in this course 

1. All power point slides

2. AGARD Report

3. NASA paper

4. Mesh file

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