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This course is for both the beginner and intermediate level with emphasis on practical approach and coding along with the tutorial.

The course demonstrates small set of independent program to demo a feature and later I stitch together concepts learnt to create medium complexity project.

The course is from beginner level but the student needs to have idea or familiarity with at-least one programming language.

Detailed understanding of the Python Language.

Detailed tutorial and internals of List, Dictionary, Sets, Tuples.

Detailed File Handling like reading/writing/opening. Several mini Project on Python.

Installation and development guide on Python.String Manipulation.

Detailed description and handling of Functions. Detailed description of Python Modules and how to write modules of your own.

Periodic updates on python news and new development. Future updates with lots of stuff like web scraping, youtube downloading and other stuff.

Operating system interfacing modules like OS and os.path

Demonstration of post, get for the rest client handling.

Writing Rest API backend with the Python.

Demo of the project in python for checking if the system is alive using the ping utility from within python program.

Demo of the project using the argparse, IPNetwork, netaddr, threads to do ping discovery for alive system.

Small Demo of the flask, although flask will not be covered extensively as its not a flask course.

This would be a dynamic and ever evolving course on python and new stuff will be posted very periodically.

I am planning to later cover the stock API and stock data fetch particularly from the polygon dot io for those who are interested, although this is currently not part of the program and will be added later.

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