[25% Off] Quantum Computing in Python using Qiskit Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[25% Off] Quantum Computing in Python using Qiskit Course Coupon


This course is constructed for students interested in Quantum Computing. Whether you are new to quantum computers or someone already familiar with the subject, this is a course for you. Each section of the course has a τheoretical part and a Coding part so that you can become a master in Quantum Computing. I have constructed this course in a way that you will use as little as possible maths while at the same time you will explore every possible aspect of Quantum programming using Qiskit.

Use this course to get ahead of the technology and be useful for the future. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, D-Wave, Google, Intel, Toshiba, Xanadu, Rigetti Computing, Zapata Computing are engaged in the development of quantum computing and are looking for people to work in this field.

Learn Quantum Computing and you will be one step ahead.

Quantum Computers will change our lives and unsolvable problems will be solved. Quantum Computers will offer new drugs, better AI, new encryption schemes and solve problems more efficiently. Industries that evolved in finance, data science, communications, chemicals, software engineering, and academics are investing large amounts of money in this field.

Seize the opportunity to be one of the first.

Τhe topics that will be covered throughout the course:

  1. Mathematics primaries for Quantum Computing

  2. Quantum Computing Theory

  3. Single Qubit Quantum States and Single Qubit Quantum Gates

  4. Multiple Qubits Quantum States and Multiple Qubit Quantum Gates

  5. Qiskit’s Tools for Quantum Computing

    • Run experiments on Real Quantum Computers

    • IBM’s Quantum Composer

    • Obtain information about Backends

    • Visualization of Circuits and Results

    • Quantum Information using Qiskit

  1. Quantum Communication Protocols

    • Quantum Teleportation

    • SuperDense Coding

    • BB84 Protocol

  1. Quantum Oracles Algorithms

    • Deutch-Jozsa Algorithm

    • Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm

    • Simon’s Algorithm

  1. Grover’s Algorithm

  2. Quantum Phase Estimation

  3. Quantum Fourier Transformation

  4. Shor’s Algorithm

  5. Quantum machine Learning

All the materials used in this course is completely free and downloadable. Through this course, you will solve many practical tests and coding exercises to get your Certificate of completion and become master in Quantum Computing. Training starts from Zero and ends with Hero.

Reach me on the Q&A for questions!

Enjoy Quantum Programming!

Markellos Anastasios

MSc Theoretical Physicist

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