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[25% Off] Undergraduate course on semiconductor device Physics-II Course Coupon


This is an undergraduate course on semiconductor device physics. This course is the second part in a series of two courses on semiconductor device physics.

For any electronics student understanding transport phenomena of charge carriers, drift current, diffusion current, energy band theory of semiconductors, electron hole pairs(EHPs), Junction formation in a diode, extending the device physics to three terminal devices like BJT and MOSFET is necessary. 

My previous course “undergraduate course on semiconductor device physics-I” is a prerequisite for complete understanding of this course.

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor combination forms a capacitor and that capacitive action is to be understood well in terms of threshold voltage, CV characteristics. Though our major focus is on ideal MOS capacitor, non-idealities are also discussed up to some extent.

Based on the knowledge of MOS capacitor, if we look at the transport of charge carriers in a three terminal device MOSFET it gives a complete picture of all MOSFET transistor structures namely, enhancement MOSFET & depletion MOSFET in both p-type and n-type substrates. A MOSFET is explained up to threshold control.

Another transistor is Bipolar junction transistor(BJT). BJT characteristics and device parameters are explained with respect to input and output characteristics.

About Author:

Mr. Udaya Bhaskar is an undergraduate university level faculty and GATE teaching faculty with more than 15 years of teaching experience. His areas of interest are semiconductors, electronic devices, signal processing, digital design and other fundamental subjects of electronics.  He trained thousands of students for GATE and ESE examinations.

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