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Python is a very popular and powerful programming language.Python is versatile and can be fun to use in creating powerful and useful applications. Python can be used to create a variety of applications types from games, web applications,desktop applications. Python is also very prominently used in data science and data analysis.

Jupyter Notebook is an environment that we can use to experiment with Python interactively . It allows you to share live Python code with others .

Some of the biggest websites on this planet earth use python in one way or another. Examples include:

  • Google

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • Nasa

  • Disney

  • Pixar

  • Reddit

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Spotify

  • Survey Monkey

  • Yahoo Maps

In this absolute beginners course you will learn:

  • Python Variables

  • Python Expressions

  • Python data types

  • Casting data types

  • Python List

  • Python Tuples

  • Python Dictionaries

  • Python Conditional Statements

  • Python Loops

  • Python Functions

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