[50% Off] Hybrid and Electric Vehicle for Beginners FULL Course 2021 Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[50% Off] Hybrid and Electric Vehicle for Beginners FULL Course 2021 Course Coupon


You will be able to understand the basics concepts of hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles. How hybrid and electric vehicles work and their advantages and disadvantages, their hybridization, Autonomous Electric Vehicles, batteries, and charging systems. We will study few important topics that you should know.

The course will cover all of the following with details:

  • Electric Vehicles Introduction

  • Hybrid Vehicles Introduction

  • Types of Electric Vehicles and Range Anxiety

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Vehicles

  • Principle of Energy Hybridization of Hybrid Electric Vehicle

  • Hybridization of drivetrains in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  • Vehicular Efficiency and Energy Saving Potential

  • Autonomous Electric Vehicle

  • Google’s Self Driving Autonomous Electric Vehicle

  • Battery range, life, and recycling

  • Types of Batteries used in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

  • Charging Stations of Electric Vehicles

  • Charging Time of an Electric Vehicle

  • Charging Methods of an Electric Vehicle

All the recourses shown in the video will be provided to you when you enroll in this course. This course will help you understand many facts about Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. (Electric Vehicles)

You will understand the Electric Vehicles and Hybrids in great depth and you will know how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, hybridization, autonomous electric vehicles, batteries charging stations, and more.

So, ENROLL in the course now and start a new journey towards knowing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

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