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You want to learn about network planning, especially the Access Network which is most fragile and ever changing part of the fixed and wireless network.

I have been working in the transmission field since last twenty years and I found that there is no basic training of the most commonly used access planning software and the new comers in Transmission planning learn this tool through hit and trial. That is why they are never able to fully utilize their potential.

Keeping this in view I have designed this course in order for you to learn the complete tool. Additionally I feel that you need to learn some basic ideas about Network Planning and Microwave Propagation as well. Even though I assume that most of you should have enough background knowledge still I have added some basic information so that no one is left behind.

The course is distributed in the below sections:

  • Introduction

  • Basic Network Planning

  • Microwave Propagation

  • Configuration of Path Loss

  • Planning your first link

  • Where to move forward now

  • Bonus Section

  • Tool Quiz

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