[67% Off] Electric Vehicle Charging Station Planning for Installation Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[67% Off] Electric Vehicle Charging Station Planning for Installation Course Coupon


Most EV owners are able to charge their vehicles at home during overnight hours, but charging opportunities away from home are needed to allow longer trips and increase the confidence of potential car buyers considering EV purchases. We developed this course to detail the process for installing charging equipment for property owners, businesses, and EV owners as part of a broad effort to promote the benefits of EVs and increase the availability of public charging.

Businesses should consider providing charging suitable for both employees and customers. Current research indicates the presence of charging stations at a commercial business will bring in new customers and drive repeat traffic. Providing charging opportunities for employees provides a valuable amenity and demonstrates environmental leadership. In some cases, municipalities or state permitting may require the addition of EV charging to development proposals under their jurisdiction as we will explain in detail.

There are a variety of options available for EV charging equipment installations. EVs arrive from auto manufacturers with portable chargers which can be plugged into standard 120-volt household outlets. This is often adequate for home or workplace charging locations with long parking durations and provides charging opportunities at a minimal cost.

This installation course contains best practices for locating new charging stations on properties, equipment specifications for various applications and navigating state and community permitting processes. The use of licensed electricians to install charging equipment is required for public facilities and is recommended for homeowners as well.

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