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The course is for people who know nothing or very little about programming and are interested in becoming programmers.

I want to teach you how to become a programmer.

Programming is fun and you can do great things with it.

It also pays rather well and there are lots of programming jobs available.

But programming is a big universe and for someone considering to become a software developer, it can be overwhelming and confusing.

In “How to Learn programming and Become a programmer” I try to dispel the confusion and teach you:

  • How to learn a programming language

  • How to get a job as a programmer

  • What other jobs exist in software development that don’t require you to know programming

  • What programming in 5 programming languages looks like: Python, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript

  • What programming frameworks exist and which are more popular in each if the 5 languages

  • Starting programming exercises based on what I showed you

  • 6 good resources for continuing on your path of learning programming

  • 2 interesting resources for teaching children programming

  • How to choose a programming language

  • What are the most important programming domains

  • Which programming language have good salaries and which don’t

  • What programming language I recommend you to start with

I focus on the five most popular programming languages: Python, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript.

In the choosing a programming language by purpose video I also talk about Swift, Rust, Kotlin and C++.

I also explain some of the programming domains like what backend and frontend programming, microservices, APIs, machine learning and Big Data means means.

In the programming frameworks section I talk about Spring Boot, Jhipster, Django, Flask, .NET, Symfony, Laravel, Angular, React, Vue.

I also talk about a CMS: WordPress, a library: jQuery and a game engine: Unity.

This course is for you if you want to become a software developer.

This course is for you if you are not sure how to learn programming and what your path should be from choosing a programming language to getting hired as a programmer.

I hope this course will help someone become a programmer.

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