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Meshing is the most important part of any CFD process. Meshing is the process to divide continuous domain in discrete parts known as control volumes. After discretizing, this mesh is provided to numerical (CFD) solver to solve algebraic equations arising from partial differential equations of continuous domain. Therefore meshing is most important part of any CFD process and accuracy & stability of CFD process largely depends on good quality mesh.

It is estimated that around 70% time is spent on meshing in any CFD project. But after taking this course, you will be expert in meshing and you can generate meshes in very less time than rest of CFD community.

In meshing you can either go with full hexa meshing or tetra meshing (with prism layers). Hexa meshing is more of an art and requires great deal of time. But yields most accurate solution. It also requires less number of nodes and hence it require less compactional resources and less solution time. It also avoids numerical errors /numerical diffusivity  as you can observe in tetra meshes. It is estimated that tetra meshes requires as much as five times of mesh size as that of hexa meshing.

In this course you will enhance your ICEMCFD hexa meshing skills on more complicated geometries such as circular cylinder, 3D airfoils, stirred tank, wind turbine etc. Here you will each and every trick/tip of business of CFD meshing. After going through this course, you will be able to create perfect grid according to CFD simulation requirements and hence will be able to get most accurate results in less time.

We will cover different topics as well which will increase effectiveness of hexa meshing.

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