[82% Off] Java for Dummies with Handson Program and Capstone Project Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[82% Off] Java for Dummies with Handson Program and Capstone Project Course Coupon


This course is developed for complete beginners who want to learn Java Programming concepts and get started with Programming with Java. In this course, every concept is explained with examples and notes and the concept is also explained via Handson Program with comments alongside the code explaining the concept.

This course also has a Real World Project that helps you combine all the concepts that you have learned and teaches you how to apply those concepts to a project. Along with code, you will learn to debug and also learn lots of best practices that you should follow while developing Industry grade projects.

You will get notes with documents explaining all concepts along with that you will also get source code for Handson Programs and the Real World Project.

Following are the topics covered in the course:

Introduction and Advantages of Java

Disadvantages of Java

Basics of Java Programming Language

Java Life Cycle

Downloading and Installing Java

Writing , Compiling and Running our First Java Program

Understanding our First Java Program

Downloading and Installing IDE

Creating first java project in IDE

Comments in Java

Naming Convention Part-1

Naming Convention Part-2

Variable and Data Types in Java

Playing around with data Type Variables and Operators

Using For Loop in Java

Using While Loop in Java

Using do While Loop in Java

If and If Else in Java

If ElseIf Else in java

Taking User Input from Keyboard

Making Java Program to keep running

TernaryOperator in Java

Switch Case and Break in Java

Understanding Object Oriented Programming

Understanding OOPS Concept Continued

OOPS Concept Analogy

Understanding OOPS Concepts with Real World Examples

Object and Reference vs Heap and Stack

Working with Object and Classes

Understanding concept of Polymorphism, Static and Dynamic Polymorphism

Polymorphism, Method Overloading, Debugging

What are Constructors

Constructor Overloading, this keyword

Understanding concept of Inheritance in Java

Inheritance, super keyword, Dynamic Polymorphism

Inner Class and Object of Inner class in Java

Undertsanding abstract class and abstraction in Java

Handson examples of Abstraction and Abstract class in Java

Understanding Arrays in Java

Handson with Array Examples

Mini Project with Array

Concept of Static in Java

Handson and Debugging for Static concept in Java

Concept of Final in Java

Handson with Final keyword in java

Concept of Interface and Multiple Inheritance in Java

Handon and Debugging for Interface and Multiple Inheritance in Java

Concept of Wrapper Class, Autoboxing and Unboxing

Handson Examples for Wrapper class, Autoboxing and Unboxing

Concept Of String and its methods in Java

Handson with String and String Functions

Handson with StringBuilder and its Functions

Handson with CompareTo method in String

Concept of Access Modifiers in Java

Handson with Accessmodifiers

Concept of Collection Framework in Java

Handson with Raw ArrayList with Mixed Datatype elements

Handson with Generics based ArrayList

Handson with Custom Class and ArrayList

Handson with ArrayList methods

Handson with Set and Hashset in Collection Framework

Handson with Map and its Uses

Concept of Exception Handling in Java

Handson with ArithmaticException handling

Handson with NullPointerException handling

Handson with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException handling

Concept of Finally Block in Exception handling

Handson with Finally Block in Exception Handling – part-1

Handson with Finally Block in Exception Handling – part-2

Handson with Custom Exception handling

What is Thread and Thread Life Cycle

Different ways of creating Thread in Java

Thread Synchronization in Java

Garbage Collector and Garbage Collection mechanism in Java

Handson with Threads in java

Concept of File and File Handling in Java

Handson Program to Create new File using Java

Handson Program to Write Data to a Text File using Java and Scope elevation

Reading Data from File using Java and Printing in Java

Getting all information of a file like file size etc

Concept of Marker Interface Serialization Deserialization Transient in Java

Handson program to Serialize and Deserialize Object in Java

Project Overview

Create Java Project for Bookstore App

Sequence Diagram Explanation

Class Diagram Explanation

Creating all the required packages

Creating the Book DTO and Entity classes

Creating Repository Interface and Implementation layer for Book

Creating Service layer Interface and Implementation layer for Book

Creating Controller layer and Test Client class for Book

Integrate Book Client with Controller and Service layer

Learn to Debug the code by navigating through what we have build so far

Integrate Repository & Converter layer for Book by using Adapter Design pattern

Save the Book Entity in a list inside Repository

Serialize and save Book Entity in file

Write Deserialization logic to get the Book Entity object from the saved file

Get Book Detail and Deserialize Object and Debugging

Source Code

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