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Start coding in Python immediately for beginners Step by Step 0 to hero!   

If you are a beginner in Programming, then this course will help you learn Python Programming step by step fast with projects.

Python is an incredibly efficient language: your programs will do more in fewer lines of code than many other languages would require. It is also used in scientific fields for academic research and applied for work.   

Python: Step by Step with projects 0 to Hero for Beginners

My goal was to create a Course for people of any age who have never programmed in Python before or have never programmed at all, so you can build programs that work.   

The course is full of examples and projects that are carefully chosen to demonstrate each concept so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the language. It is designed to serve as a single, all-inclusive learning resource for all Python newcomers, whether they will be using Python 2. X, Python 3. X, or both   

Python Programming for Beginners is also perfect for middle school and high school teachers who want to offer their students a project-based introduction to programming. 

Are you looking to learn practical Python Programming you can put to use instantly? If so, then this is the course for you. It’s entirely project-based and it’s full of examples that are fully explained and easy to understand.

Python is a great language to learn, so enroll in the course, and let’s get started!

By the end of this course,

You’ll be able to create a game where the computer chooses a number and the player guesses the number.

In the guessing game, Python thinks of a random number. The player guesses the number.

I’ve attached the final version of the Guessing Game as a .py python file.

I’ve attached also all the Project files of the class in a .zip file

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