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In this course you will be able to learn about a lot of advanced python programming topics. This course covers topics that are related to machine learning as well many other advanced python programming topics. Anyone who is interested in learning python advanced programming can enroll in this course. It covers all the levels may it be beginner level python programmer, intermediate level python programmer or advanced level python programmer, he/she can enroll in this course and when he completes this course he will surely be enriched with the new and the advanced concepts of python programming. Basics of python is the pre requisite of this course but don’t worry at all, if you don’t have the basic knowledge of python then I have uploaded a crash course at the very end of this course. You can always start from the beginning and cover the basic concepts from the crash course and after that start on with the advanced topics that are a part of this course. Someone who has got advanced knowledge of python programming can also enroll in this course as this course covers the latest trends and updates in the language. This course has the latest advanced topics of python covered and I hope that you learn a lot from this course. Thank You.

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