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Do you want to learn data science, machine learning, deep learning, and AI but you are not sure about the programming language to learn?

Or you may be using Python and R, but you are tired of their low speed.

Julia is a modern programming language developed for data science, machine learning and AI. It is a dynamically typed language which is easy to learn and use and has the speed of C.

This is the first of a series of courses I plan to teach data science, machine learning and deep learning using Julia. Other courses, “Data Science with Julia”, “Machine Learning with Julia” and “Deep Learning with Julia” will follow. In this course, you will learn programming in Julia proficiently. In the upcoming courses you will learn both machine learning and deep learning algorithms and how to build those algorithms from scratch using Julia.

Besides being ideal for data science and machine learning, Julia is also ideal for production environments. Being one of the most modern languages, Julia can be used to build entire applications and microservices.

Julia combines best features of dynamic languages like Python and R and low-level languages like C, C# and Java. You can develop a machine learning model or an algorithm in Julia and use that code in a production environment. You don’t have to use different languages for development and production.

New sections and lectures will be added every two or three weeks.

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