[90% Off] Zero to Hero in SASS & SCSS with integration in React JS App Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[90% Off] Zero to Hero in SASS & SCSS with integration in React JS App Course Coupon


Learn everything about SASS & SCSS with Hands-on Practical Examples, also learn how to work with SASS or SCSS in React JS Application.

This course covers all the basics of SASS or SCSS and it covers both theory and handson part. We will first start by learning the what and why part of using SASS or SCSS, then implement every feature with practical handson approach.

Then we will create React JS application and add SASS or SCSS capability and start styling React components using SASS/SCSS.

Following are the topics that are covered:

1-Why do we need SASS or SCSS

2-Features of SASS or SCSS

3-Local development environment setup

4-SASS Compiler and Compiled Output files

5-Applying Styling to Page

6-How to use Operators in SASS or SCSS

7-How to Declare and use Variables in CSS and SCSS or SASS

8-Nesting of Style with SASS or SCSS – Part-1

9-Nesting of Style with SASS or SCSS – Part-2

10-Mixin in SCSS or SASS – Part-1

11-Mixin in SCSS or SASS – Part-2

12-Parameterized Mixin in SASS or SCSS

13-Single line Comment in SASS or SCSS

14-Partials and Import in SASS or SCSS

Applying SASS/SCSS to React JS Project:

1-Setting up React and Installing node-sass

2-Using SASS or SCSS features in React Application

After completing this course you will master all the SASS/SCSS concepts and learn to apply them in any project. You will also be now able to work any ReactJS projects using SASS/SCSS.

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