[92% Off] ReactJs CSS3 Flexbox Media Queries Bootstrap with 4 Projects Course Coupon – Free learning guide

[92% Off] ReactJs CSS3 Flexbox Media Queries Bootstrap with 4 Projects Course Coupon


In the course, you will learn all the concepts of flexbox and media queries.

We will learn all the concepts with the help of code examples.

Following are the topics we will cover:

1.1-Installing VS Code and Server extension

1.2-Introduction to Flexbox

1.3-Setup index.html and style.css files

1.4- Reset margin padding box-sizing on universal operator

1.5-Styling the Boxes

1.6-Apply display flex on parent

1.7-Flex Direction row row-reverse column column-reverse

1.8-Flex grow shrink

2.1-Justify Content Flex Start

2.2-Justify Content Flex End

2.3-Justify Content Center

2.4-Justify Content Space-Around

2.5-Justify Content Space-Between

3.1-Why you should not use Float property

3.2-Align Item Flex End

3.3-Align Item Flex Start

3.4-Align Item Center

3.5-Flex Basis same as Width on Flex Item

4.1-Responsivesness with Media Query

4.2-Flex Wrap Layout Creation

4.3-Styling the Flex layout

4.4-Making Screen Responsive with Flex Wrap

4.5-Enhancing the responsiveness

1.1-What is meant by Responsiveness

1.2-Example Non_responsive website

1.3-Creating HTML Skeleton for non-responsive website

1.4-Styling the non responsive page

2.1-Different Device break points

2.2-Make Responsive in device upto 768px

2.3-Make Responsive for device width upto 468px

2.4-Make Responsive for device width above 1024px

2.5-Making Responsive between 769px and 1023px

Creating account on Github

Installing Git bash

Creating github token and connecting from local

Using git commands to commit and push our local code

You will get the complete source code

In this course, you will learn all the concepts of CSS3 and ReactJs that will not only help you build real-world projects but also enable you to start thinking about how to design and develop a frontend that will be responsive and production-grade.

You will be learning all the basics of developing components in React and moving on to learning complex topics like static and dynamic routing.

We will be building 3 projects:

Project One – Responsive Portfolio Website

  • Project Layout Setup

  • Working on the Menu Outline

  • Styling the Menu section Part – 1

  • Styling the Menu section Part – 2

  • Styling the Menu section Part – 3

  • Styling the Body section Part – 1

  • Styling the Body section Part – 2

  • Making the website responsive

Project Two – Stylish Our Services Section

  • Setting up the skeleton

  • Working on the markup and layout

  • Working on styling and responsiveness

Project Three – Property Listing Marketplace website

  • Github-Repo-Local-Setup

  • Create-react-app

  • Code-Cleanup

  • Adding-Google fonts

  • React-How-it-works-VSC-Extension

  • Creating-TopBar-Component

  • Understanding-JSX

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-1

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-2

  • Adding-Fontawesome-Styling-TopBar-Part-3

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-4

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-5

  • Styling-TopBar-Part-6

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-1

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-2

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-3

  • Styling-Hero-Section-Part-4

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-1

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-2

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-3

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-4

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-5

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-6

  • Styling-Sidebar-Section-Part-7

  • Working on Listing Item component

  • Using CSS variables

  • Working on Listing Overview screen

  • Styling Listing Item category and time section

  • Styling Listing Item description section

  • Working on layout of Listing Detail component

  • Adding sidebar on Listing Detail page

  • Styling the Listing Detail page

  • Working on Listing Detail page meta data section

  • Styling the image section of Listing Detail page

  • Styling Title and Action section of Listing Page

  • Styling the Author and Post time section of Listing Detail page

  • Styling the Description section of Listing Detail page

  • Styling the first letter of Description on Listing Detail page

  • Setting up Layout for Create Listing page

  • Working on Create Listing page

  • Working on upload Icon on Create Listing page

  • Styling the Create Listing page

  • Installing React Router Dom library for routing between components

  • Adding Navigation and Routing for menu items

  • Dynamic navigation for showing property detail

You will also get the complete source code of all three projects that will help you take a reference whenever you want.

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