A group of dog lovers saved 27 puppies from euthanasia by flying them in a small plane, giving these beloved pups a second chance at life and loving forever homes. – Free learning guide

A group of dog lovers saved 27 puppies from euthanasia by flying them in a small plane, giving these beloved pups a second chance at life and loving forever homes.

Many people around the world are willing to do anything and everything for animals. His intention is to be an example for others around the world.

Here, we are going to talk about a group of animal lovers who are being hailed as heroes for their efforts in saving the lives of 27 animals. The viral video shows him standing in a small plane with 27 puppies.

These 27 puppies had to be put down. But these three women come as angels to save them in the best rescue mission ever.

Cassidy Bergeron, one of the women in charge of the rescue, posted the video online. The screen displays footage of the emergency landing in Florida, which took about 45 minutes to complete from Alabama.

Guess how many puppies we returned after video was captured? The video showed a group of happy puppies wagging their tails and cuddling with the heroes who rescued them. Currently 13.5 million people are watching this video. Cassandra said she was in complete ecstasy and did not want to get off. He didn’t stop smiling the whole time. When Cassandra received a call from a friend asking her to save the puppies, the rescue became possible. As the shelter was being inspected, these puppies were on the verge of being put down. Cassandra and her two friends set out to save the lives of innocent people.

He contacted Michael Young, a professor and lecturer at the University of Central Florida. He was the perfect person to call, because while volunteering with Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights, he saved over 7,000 shelter dogs.

These people came together and helped save the lives of 27 adorable puppies. He was sent to several shelters in Orlando. Since then, every single puppy has been adopted.

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