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An Emotional Farewell: A Dog’s Heartfelt Goodbye to its Owner

When Ryan Jensen, 33, passed away suddenly from a brain hemorrhage, medical personnel responded in an unexpected way.

“The hospital showed incredible kindness, allowing us to bring my brother’s dog in to ‘say goodbye,’ so she could understand why her human never returned home,” shared Ryan’s sister Michelle on Facebook. “If you knew my brother, you knew how much he loved his precious puppy.”

While the video capturing Ryan and his dog Molly’s touching moment was initially intended for their immediate family, it quickly became a viral sensation.

The involvement of others in our grief, their stories, and the generosity of many have profoundly impacted and humbled us,” Michelle expressed.

Assuring everyone that Ryan’s heartbroken dog Molly is in good hands, Michelle stated, “Don’t worry about the dog! We’re going to keep her!!! She is a member of the family.” Additionally, Ryan’s donor heart is set to save the life of a 17-year-old just in time for Christmas, according to Michelle.

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