Anicka Vikhraman Ex Boyfriend assaulted her Physically ab*sed her and She shared shocking photos of Injuries


Famous actress of South films, Anicka Vikraman has shared shocking photos on social media. Along with sharing this, he has expressed his pain. Everyone will be shocked to see these pictures. In the photos that surfaced, it can be seen that Anika’s eyes, mouth are swollen and there are also bruises on her face. People are constantly asking him how and why this happened, who did it? Anika has also shared a long note about this whole matter on social media.

Anika has shared her photos in bad condition on Instagram. Along with sharing this, she has also shared a long note, in which the actress has narrated her plight. She has blamed her ex-boyfriend for this condition. Seeing the pictures, not only the fans, will anyone’s concern increase. Looking at the photos, it is becoming very difficult to guess that she is Anika. The ruthlessness of boyfriend Anoop is clearly visible from the pictures.

Along with sharing the post, Anika wrote, ‘Even after leaving what happened to me in the past, I am constantly receiving threatening calls. Mud is being hurled at my family. I was unfortunately in a relationship with a man named Anoop Pillai for a few years. He tortured me physically and mentally in every way. I had never seen a person like him till date. Even after all this, he is threatening me. I never thought even in my dreams that he would ever do this to me.

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