Celebration of Holi, the boy performed romance and stunts by sitting in front of the girl on the bike


Romance on Bike: Once again such a matter has come to the fore, which is being discussed. The boy made the girl sit in front of the bike and while doing stunts, romanced in such a way that the senses of the onlookers were blown away. Someone made a video of it, which went viral on social media. After watching the video, the police is now in the mood for action. The Rajasthan Police is on the lookout for the couple who were seen romancing on a motorcycle on the streets of Jaipur on the eve of Holi. The incident is being told of B2 bypass of Jaipur.

The couple was caught on mobile camera performing a ‘romance stunt’ on a motorcycle on the eve of Holi. Meanwhile, the video has gone viral and is attracting comments and attention from social media operators. The video was apparently shot by a passenger in a car. It is seen in the viral video that the girl is sitting on the petrol tank of the Royal Enfield motorcycle and the man is driving a two-wheeler. In the video itself, a small part of the bypass is visible inside the board.

The police have now started searching for the accused couple on the basis of the registration number of the bike. Police officials said that the traffic police can punish the accused couple. Earlier in February, in a similar incident, a couple was caught on camera doing a kissing stunt on a motorcycle in Ajmer city.

This is not the first such case. Even before this such cases have come to the fore. In many other places including Goa, couples have been seen taking risks to romance like this. Police has also arrested many. Now again a similar case has come to the fore.

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