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Detroit Police Officer Rescues A Pit Bull Tied to a Porch in The Freezing Cold

In a heartwarming turn of events, Officer Eric McCombs from the Detroit Police Department emerged as a true hero when he rescued a distressed Pit Bull left tethered to a porch in the bitter cold. The compassionate officer, a known dog lover, acted without hesitation to free the poor canine from her icy predicament, showcasing a remarkable act of kindness.

The incident unfolded during Officer McCombs’ nighttime patrol, where he discovered the helpless dog entangled on a porch, exposed to a chilling windchill of -20 degrees. Angered by the intentional neglect, McCombs immediately decided to intervene, stating, “I need to rescue this dog.” The Pit Bull, visibly malnourished and hungry, devoured the treats offered by the officers, emphasizing the dire need for nourishment and warmth.

Releasing the dog from the porch, the officers observed her mix of fear and joy as she leaped into the warmth of the police vehicle. Suffering from frostbite on her ears, the canine was taken to Detroit Animal Care and Control. However, Officer McCombs couldn’t shake the thought that she deserved more than a kennel crate – she deserved a loving home.

Determined to provide her that life, McCombs officially adopted the Pit Bull, later named Sweet Pea. With the assistance of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, the officer ensured Sweet Pea’s medical needs were addressed. McCombs, who already had a dog named Homer, acknowledged the challenges but declared, “It was a special moment. Double the food, double the vet, double whatever. I had to.”

Sweet Pea faced adjustments in her new home but soon embraced the love and care surrounding her. Officer McCombs, who has rescued other dogs from the streets of Detroit, stands as a beacon of hope for neglected canines. “Why not rescue Pit Bulls and serve as a police officer simultaneously?” McCombs questioned, embodying the spirit of compassion.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue expressed gratitude, stating, “We are so proud to have Officer McCombs as a part of our team and thankful that he is an officer that goes above and beyond to help the voiceless animals that need a hero.” Officer Eric McCombs, through his dedication and compassion, has made a significant difference in the lives of these innocent furry beings.

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