It’s truly heart wrenching : a cherished pet Dog in agony, crying out as its mouth is overwhelmed by a painful thicket of thorns. – Free learning guide

It’s truly heart wrenching : a cherished pet Dog in agony, crying out as its mouth is overwhelmed by a painful thicket of thorns.

It’s a heartwarming story of community support and compassion for a dog named Thor in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thor, a three-year-old golden brown dog, was found impaled with hundreds of quills, presumably from a second encounter with a porcupine within a year.

Thor’s owner, Adriano Bertoline, faced financial constraints and couldn’t afford the veterinary bills. In a desperate plea for help, he initiated an online treatment campaign, sharing pictures of Thor’s injuries on social media.

Local councillor Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari came across the online appeal and decided to step in to assist. Despite Adriano’s financial difficulties, Dr. Apolari took Thor to a clinic, covered the expenses, and facilitated the dog’s treatment. Adriano expressed his gratitude on social media, referring to Dr. Apolari as an “angel” in Thor’s life.

This isn’t the first time Thor has faced such injuries, as Adriano mentioned a previous incident in February 2021 when a friend working at a private veterinary clinic helped the dog recover from a porcupine encounter.

The condition of the porcupine after being attacked by Thor is not specified in the provided information. Nevertheless, the story highlights the power of community support and kindness, especially in challenging times.

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