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[100% Off] Importance of Power Quality in Power System Free Course Coupon


We’re going to talk about the importance of power quality in the power systems, we’re going to talk about the causes of power quality, uncertain events from the utility end, generation, transmission, and distribution as well as from the consumer and the manufacturer end, the common power quality issues and parameters such as on the transient side, the voltage variation side, the unbalanced voltages, the flickers, the distorted waveforms, the thing called total harmonic distortion and what that means as well as power factor and varying frequency.

We will also talk about the effects of poor power quality on the power system and the detrimental things that it causes to equipment and other types of devices. We’re going to talk about the power quality standards, what are they, who are the organization that produces and where do you go for specific power quality standards that most utilities, consumers, manufacturers, most people kind of follow and defines the baseline of power quality all over the world. We’re going to talk about power quality improvement techniques, you know something called power system studies which is AllumiaX offers and we really excel at as well as power conditioning devices, surge protectors, filters, voltage regulators, ups. We’re going to talk about power quality monitoring in detail.

So, stick around you’ll expect to learn a lot from this course. And we hope to see you on the other side.

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